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Being a Roofer is a Very Physically Demanding Job

MH900439313Most of us don’t look up at a skyscraper and think I wonder how they put a roof on this place. Roofing is a very risky profession. Being a roofer is a very physically demanding job considering they are constantly knelling and bending, they lift heavy loads, and climb steep surfaces. Roofers work outside regardless of good or poor weather. In Northern and Midwestern states with very cold temperatures, roofing usually does not occur during winter, In Western states like California roofing workers are employed year round.  Roofers can be injured from falls or burned while handling roofing chemicals. During summer, roofers are exposed to heat related dangers since roofs become extremely hot. In 2005, roofers were injured about two times more than other workers. Not only do roofers build and repair roofs but also Roofers also cut holes in roofs to install attic fans, swamp coolers, and any other equipment located on a roof. Certain roofers specialize in floors, waterproofing foundations, and concrete walls.

Roofing is a very risky occupation. Since roofers spend most of their time on the tops of buildings, even a small incident may result in a serious or fatal injury. Roofers and roofing companies need to get the appropriate roofer’s insurance to protect themselves against unexpected accidents during work.  All Insurance Underwriters specialize in hard to place risks such as roofing. Our program/business development team is considered to be one of the top in the Nation when it comes to creative insurance solutions. Let AIU protect you clients so when they take a fall we are there ready to catch them.

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