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AIU is a program administrator operating as a Managing General Agency (MGA) providing quality commercial insurance products to retail agencies on a nationwide level. AIU is currently licensed and operating in 38 states with a presence in all. A few key statistics on our business are the following; Millions in new premium bound per month while maintaining a renewal retention rate just over 85% and a combined loss ratio over the last 5 years of 30%. Currently our book of commercial insurance including workers’ compensation is in excess of 100 million.

AIU has established unique underwriting teams that filter every submission based on our carriers/programs, appetites and underwriting guidelines. The underwriting teams pre-qualify every submission thoroughly by gathering additional underwriting details, pricing information, generating loss picks on accounts over 100K and seeking to understand all details related to the marketing of the risk to ensure the highest submit to bind ratio possible prior to approaching our valued carriers. If accounts that are received do not fit our carriers underwriting appetite then our in-house underwriting team will decline to quote in order to eliminate unnecessary work on AIU, Agency Partners and our carriers.

Our success with our carriers and agency partners is contributed to our leadership team, underwriting processes, efficiency and team attitude of providing the highest level of customer service in the industry.

AIU Underwriting Teams

◘ One of our biggest advantages to our agency partners and our carriers is our large staff of underwriting teams. Our underwriting teams are divided up into groups and attend weekly training and updates on our list of carriers and their underwriting appetites. These teams will thoroughly evaluate each submission pre-qualifying or declining accounts prior to our carriers ever reviewing. This aids in our efficiency and quote to bind ratios with our carriers.

Proactive approach to loss control

◘ AIU understands how vital it is to maintaining a low loss ratio and high retention with our agency partners and carriers. Our approach starts in our underwriting department and extends all the way to our servicing department. When underwriting, we require supplemental applications on most accounts and our teams are trained to keep an eye out for the following; fraud, frequency of claims, employee turnover, hiring practices, daily safety practices (especially with any manual lifting, loading or unloading), return to work programs, drug screenings and more. When any of these concerns are noted our underwriting manager will then review and take further action to attain explanations from our agency partners. Once an account is approved and coverage is bound is when our servicing department takes over. See below for more on our servicing department.

Servicing – We pride ourselves on our customer service and our ability to exceed our agency partners expectations. AIU recognizes the need to be appropriately staffed with the right people who truly care about making customer service the top priority. AIU servicing is divided up into the below departments:

VP’s of Business Development – There are 6 VP’s of Business Development each with their own support staff who are responsible for the overall satisfaction of our agency partners. These teams review & pre-qualify new submissions prior to being sent over to the underwriting department, work with agency partners on new quotes, aid in the presentation process of quotes and work directly with the carrier underwriters.

◘ Payroll Department – This department is responsible for communicating with each insured on monthly payroll reports, invoicing and billing support.

◘ Policy Department – This department is responsible for certificate request, endorsement requests, loss run reports, open claim notes, claims reviews, loss control visit reviews, new policies and documentation to clients and overall policy servicing.

◘ Claims Department – This department is responsible for monthly loss reviews on all current accounts, setting up quarterly claims reviews, sending out notices of injuries, communicating with adjusters on claims status and managing the overall process and servicing of claims.

◘ Renewal Department – This department is responsible for communicating with current clients and their agents on renewals by requesting account information for our carriers and working with the regional marketing teams on retention and servicing.


Kevin Licciardello - President
Sean Adams- CEO
Robert Licciardello Jr. - COO
Dr. Roy J Schleman Jr. – CFO

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