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All Insurance Underwriters is a Managing General Agency (MGA) providing competitive commercial insurance products accompanied with above average compensation to retail insurance agents nationwide.
AIU’s proven success comes from its ability to share risk in unique insurance captive programs for Workers’ Compensation and all other line of Commercial Insurance.   AIU will arm your agency with an “always needed” competitive edge within the commercial insurance industry.  AIU’s carriers and unique programs are only part of the story. AIU’s true success comes from its people, their knowledge, outstanding customer service and common-sense approach to underwriting.
Why AIU?

AIU is a program administrator operating as a Managing General Agency (MGA) providing quality commercial insurance products to retail agencies exclusively. AIU is currently licensed and operating in 38 states with a presence in all. A few key statistics on our business are the following; Millions in new premium bound per month while maintaining a renewal retention rate just over 85% and a combined loss ratio over the last 5 years of 30%. Currently our book of workers’ compensation is in excess of 100 million. AIU has established unique underwriting teams that filter every submission based on our carriers/programs, appetites and underwriting guidelines. The underwriting teams pre-qualify every submission thoroughly by gathering additional underwriting details, pricing information, generating loss picks on accounts over 100K and seeking to understand all details related to the marketing of the risk to ensure the highest submit to bind ratio possible prior to approaching our valued carriers. If accounts that are received do not fit our carriers underwriting appetite then our in-house underwriting team will decline to quote in order to eliminate unnecessary work on AIU, Agency Partners and our carriers. Our success with our carriers and agency partners is contributed to our leadership team, underwriting processes, efficiency and team attitude of providing the highest level of customer service in the industry.

Workers' Compensation

AIU’s ability to take risk in our unique workers compensation captive programs will arm your agency with a well needed competitive edge. With our talented and skilled professionals, who insist only the highest standards, we will continue to be an innovator in our field constantly acquiring new commercial insurance markets, learning from prior experience, creating new programs to meet the ever changing business insurance environment, and delivering them straight to your agency. In other words All Insurance Underwriters delivers insurance products that simply work. In all cases, Our goal of common sense underwriting and bottom line results will assist your agency in staying competitive within the insurance industry.

Commercial Specialty

All Insurance Underwriters (AIU) utilizes surplus lines insurers to fill the need for coverage in the marketplace by insuring those risks that are declined by the standard underwriting and pricing processes of admitted insurance carriers. AIU’s ability to accommodate our agency partners in a wide variety of risks, the surplus lines market acts as an effective enhancement to the admitted market by providing affordable coverage were a declination was imminent.