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Sitting is a disease that can kill us

Most of us are more inactive than we realize and what we consider regular actions such as sitting at a desk at work or getting home and unwinding in front of the TV are actually very destructive activities. Researchers have found that sitting for most of the day is linked to an 18% increase in the risk of dying from cardiovascular disease and other ailments.

What are our choices in this modern age when sitting is used to generate money for us to live? The catch-22 presented has many pondering if there are ways to combat this high statistic of death resulting from the simple act of sitting. People that are older such as 60 have an even greater chance of being tremendously effected by this activity. When we think of the average person that is injured on the job and therefor must take time to heal at home also posses an interesting factor into this cause of death.

When someone is injured at work and must stay at home as a result of the injury generally spends a lot of time being sedimentary and in addition, being alone and lonely. Being consistently lonely actually increases the figure even greater by 14%! This means that being sedative and lonely gathers a whopping 32% greater chance of death. The object of successful workers compensation is to get the employee healthy and ready to continue work in the best shape possible yet the very act of being on workers compensation aids in the degenerative process.

This adds an interesting position on the recovery process and how we spend our daily lives. What are your thoughts about this?

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